Music Monday: Too Busy Playing a Game Edition

I got a new game on Friday, and because of it I haven’t had the weekend to go over Music. I woke up this morning thinking, what Band should I write about… then i remembered… The game is “Rocksmith”, the  music game that uses a real guitar. Problem Averted:


Rocksmith is a game similar to Guitar Hero or Rockband. The difference is that instead of a plastic peripheral, you can hook up any 1/4″ guitar jack. The quick description of the how it works would mostly talk about the cord that comes with the game. It translate normal analog sound into MIDI electrical signals….Basically Magic.
I’ve put in a solid chunk of time and learned most of a few songs, So here are some highlights.

Radiohead: High and Dry

This guy is playing lefty flip, so the notes are basically upside down.

Great song choice, and one of the first songs that when i finished playing it i instantly started it up again. I have to say I’m pleased that they went the Radiohead route over the Oasis Route. I was expecting to sit through “Wonderwall”, but this was the first song that got me excited about what other songs they were going to have. Nothing like a 90’s chord progression full of Teen angst.

Taddy Porter: Mean Bitch

This song caught me off guard. I had never heard of this one, and I thought it was a late 2000’s pop rock song. Little did i know it was a late 2000’s cross between Blues and Buckcherry. It was fun to play, and has a hell of a hook at the chorus. Taddy Porter is one of the more indie bands that Rocksmith chose. I’ve started giving them a proper listen, and I’m liking it (future Music Monday?)

The Pixies: Where is my Mind

I was playing the recommended songs that the game gave me, and i decided to take a quick look to see if all the songs were already unlocked. Alphabitically ordered by song title, I searched through them all. The last song on the list of at least 40 was “Where is my Mind”. 40 mins later, I was still playing it, and still in the state of catharsis that the song always puts me in. I’ve played it at least once every time I’ve started up the game since. If I had to bet which song i would 100% first, I would bet this.

I’m really enjoying the game, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to start out on guitar. Don’t go into it thinking it will be all fun, because it is more of a learning program then a game.

I was already and intermediate player, but I’ve learned a few cool songs, and the minigames have sped up my scale playing, and chord progressions a surprising amount in just 3 days. If nothing else, it makes practicing more fun, and i don’t think I’ve ever built up callous fingers so fast.


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