DAMN !!! Digital Audio Media Notes…

I’m assuming most people in the class are like me and listen to digital audio music. I personnally listen to it mostly on my i-pod and computer. LP’s and most other forms of analog audio are a little too combersome, expensive, and harder to come by. If i were to think about why I listen to music (in a uses and gratifications sense)I would say i listen to it to relax, pass the time, and as something to think about. I would certainly say I have a dependence on it to some degree. I could easily listen to it for a few hours in a day.

One way I might be different from some of my classmates on digital music is that I still buy CD’s. The main reasons for that is prices and DRM. The idea of buying a license of a song, or limiting the format and uses of a CD are really unappealing to me. I would put DRM as a undesirable, unanticipated, and direct effect of the fast populartity of digital music. I doubt that the first thing people thought about when shown the convienince of Online downloading was a bit of coding that limited it’s use. I usually just go to gohasting, and buy a used CD for the price of two or three songs on Itunes, spend 10 minuets uploading it in to Itunes, then I have an Itunes compatable digital copy, a digital copy that I have full rights to (burn, store, copy), and a physical product that i can easily share or trade.

Lastly one part of the book that really stood out for me was “The Long Tail”, and it shows my favorite benifit of digital media, which is the availability of less popular content. I’m not to big on pirating music, so it really annoys me when it’s hard to give someone money and get the music you want. Smaller bands, or a foreign artists who have limited physical copies avalible in the states can become expensive fast:

$120 new, $50 used, or $8.99 MP3
Import albums,$24 from amazon, $15+ from lesser known 3rd party sellers, or $8.99 MP3

having that ~$10 option is nice.